LXNIGHTS is an international research network based in Lisbon (Portugal) that brings together a dynamic group of  scholars working in the emerging field of night studies. Founded by Dr. Jordi Nofre in 2014,  the network links twenty-two members from nine different countries in Europe and the Americas.  By providing a research framework that enables individual members and teams to successfully work together, the LXNIGHTS network aims to:

  1. Bring together spatial, social and institutional perspectives to offer a better, and more complex understanding of the urban night;

  2. Examine the social, spatial, public health and urban governance impacts derived from the expansion of tourist and youth-oriented nightlife in our cities.

  3. Propose new efficient, coherent and sustainable policy recommendations to ensure community liveability through the promotion and implementation of a more inclusive, smarter and safer night.

  4. Increase the impact of the research programme beyond the academy.


LXNIGHTS brings together researchers from different countries and areas of expertise to think critically about the challenges and opportunities that the night-life economy poses for the contemporary city.

The network is coordinated by Dr. Jordi Nofre (CICS.NOVA) and it is comprised of a group of researchers working in and from Portugal (national network) and a number of international members that collaborate regularly in the network activities (international network).

The structure of LXNIGHTS consists also of a Steering Comitee who is responsible for all aspects of the organization.


public policy impact

LXNIGHTS aims at making our research agenda and research findings relevant to policy-making in a way that has an impact on how policy related to the urban nightlife is formed, implemented or understood. We believe that independent, quality-driven research can be useful for policy makers to address the challenges and opportunities that the urban-night poses. The proposals to  create a Lisbon Nightlife Commission and a Observatório da Noite go in that direction.

We are also open to collaborations with networks outside academia such as NGOs, industry and think-tanks.

news & events

LXNIGHTS at the “Cities Under Pressure” Seminar

Yesterday we had the opportunity to participate in the seminar “Cities Under Pressure“, organised by Build the City at the British Council headquarters in Lisbon. We introduced LXNIGHTS, and talked briefly about the challenges that the development of a lively urban nightlife in overturistified urban places pose for local residentes and the municipality, and argued that …